TriggeredCards is great for improving customer, client, patient outreach

We Produce Cards that Look Genuinely Handwritten...

It is well known that sending personalized, handwritten correspondence can be critical for creating goodwill with clients, customers, donors, or patients.  But because it is laborious to do, it is often neglected.  Use to automatically send acknowledgements, thank yous, and other outreach with handwriting that looks completely authentic.

...and Automate Sending Them via Zapier

By connecting TriggeredCards and Zapier, you can easily automate this process according to simples trigger rules.  This brings many benefits.

  • With a manual program, you often need to prod your salesforce to be consistent.
  • TriggeredCards is much cheaper and more efficient.
  • It takes just minutes to create a zap that will keep sending till you stop it.
  • Simply select a triggers in Zapier, write the text of the message, and submit.
  • Some samples triggers:  send cards whenever new leads are added in Salesforce, or when customers make a purchases of a minimum amount.
  • You can send them with greater regularity, and in larger amounts, than if writing by hand.

Highest Quality

We print on premium, heavy weight stock.

Other Benefits of Handwritten Cards

  • Handwritten cards are extremely effective for CRM, customer acquisition, lead gen, marketing automation.
  • They delight current users, and attract new ones.
  • They create viral word of mouth, and build long term relationships.