Triggered Cards plus Integromat

Connect any of hundreds of apps to Triggered Cards via Integromat to automatically send handwriiten cards.  This is great for CRM, marketing automation, lead gen, and many other applications.

The automations you create in Integromat are called a “Scenarios”.  Here’s how you make one.

  • STEP 1. Get a Triggered Cards integration plan.  This will give you an API key which will you’ll need for step 3, below.
  • STEP 2. Create a template project in Triggered Cards.  This will serve as a template for the cards you send. Choose your cover design (or Contact Us to create one), a font, and any font adjustments.  Type your message here to be sure it fits (you will type it again in your Zap in step 3).  You will select this project when you create your Scenario in step 3.
  • STEP 3.  Create an Integromat account.  Sign up for free here, and follow to make a connection between Triggered Cards and Integromat.  You might want to start with a simple integration like Google Sheets and Triggered Cards. Use it as it is, or add more modules to create a more complex integration scenario.

Whenever the trigger occurs, a handwritten card will automaticallybe mailed.  You will be billed in the next month for the cards you send.  Prices, including a first class stamp, range from $1.89-$2.19 per card,depending on volume.

Below are some popular Triggered Cards automations as pre-made templates (Template Scenarios).  To learn more about building integrations on Integromat browse   CGA codes online.