What do you do?
Sending handwritten cards is extremely effective for CRM, customer acquisition, lead gen, marketing automation.  Because we are able to make digitized handwriting look real, we can automate the process.  To do the automation process we’ve partnered with Zapier.com

Tell me about the handwriting part.
Our system uses natural, simulated handwriting to create your thank yous in a fraction of the time it would take you to write them by hand.  We do things like varying each instance of a character to make it look authentic.  We can also change line angle, letter spacing, and other things.  

How does the automation work?
Zapier.com lets you connect the APIs of hundreds of apps so they can do things with each other.  You simply pick a trigger app on one side, and an action app on the other.  In a typical example, Salesforce.com would be the trigger app and Triggered Cards would be the action app (See instructions for this example).  WIth Salesforce or another CRM you might set up a zap to send a Triggered Cards card to every new lead that is created.  You edit the zap at Zapier, selecting the relevant accounts and writing the text of the message.  Once you turn it on, the cards will be created and mailed automatically.

How do I get started?
You need to have a Triggered Cards account with a subscription.  However, you do not have to commit to a large spend every month because you pay at the end of the month for the number of cards you send (except that $5 will be billed at the beginning of each period; this will be applied to any cards you send).  You will usually need an account for the action app, such as Salesforce, as well.

How do I choose the cover design, font and font characteristics of the cards?
You will create a project in the Triggered Cards account that has your subscription.  If you want to use different a font and font adjustments from the default (the default font is black, Americana), you do that here (in Step 2).  Zapier will pull this information from this project, which you will select when create your zap.  More info.

How do I make sure the text of the message will fit of the cards?
In your Triggered Cards project you should type your proposed message in Step 2.  You will put the final text in your zap, but it is very important to try it out in Triggered Cards first to be sure your message will fit on the card  page.  You can probably fit over 300 characters, though small things, like carriage returns, can greatly affect this count.  More info.

How do I put everything together and set up the automation?
In Zapier, you will create the zap with Triggered Cards as the action.  Simply fill in the fields as directed.  See these instructions for the Salesforce.example.  If you are using variable data, as you will for the recipient address fields, use the “Insert fields” buttons.  You will also have to put the text of your message here.  If you have not confirmed that it will fit in Triggered Cards, we recommend keeping it below 150 characters.  If you need more room, you can type on the other inside page of your card.

What does it cost to set up a Zapier account?

Zapier accounts are free up to 100 cards per month.  After that, the cost is $15 per month. 

Can we send different cards for different triggers?
Yes.  You would set up a different zap for each, with each corresponding to a different Thanskter project (if you are using different fonts or cover designs).  Each zap holds the text for each automation.

How does fulfillment work?
We print the cards, address and print the envelopes, stuff, stamp, and mail them for you.  If you prefer, Calligraphy fonts are available for your cards or for addressing the envelopes.

Do you mail outside the U.S.?
We currently can only charge for U.S. postage, so for standard projects we are limited to the U.S.   If you need to mail a lot of pieces outside of the U.S., please Contact Us.

How long will it take for cards to get to my recipients?
Your cards are usually printed, stamped and mailed within one business day, so they will usually arrive within 3-5 business days, depending on where they are going.

How much does it cost?
For up to 25, 100, 500, and 500+, it is $2.19, $2.09, $1.99, and $1.89 per card, respectively.  This includes a first class stamp, which gives it the feel of authenticity that is so important.  Nothing screams junk mail more than 3rd class mail.  If you pay annually, we take 25% off the per card price.

What other customization options do I have?
Contact Us to talk about creating custom card designs with your logo or branding,